We are having a Retirement Auction on Wednesday,

October 29, 2014 at 10am!

All are welcome to come out!

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Hello To All Of Our Long-time Friends and Customers,
How to even start this letter???
After a very successful, fulfilling, prosperous, learning, grateful, friend making and yes, at times extremely ‘trying’ nursery career, we (Bob & Carol) have chosen to find out what the next adventure is that life has to offer us. We are closing Sunleaf Nursery LLP after this Fall season. With over 85 years between the two of us in the nursery industry, we have decided that now is the time to move on and to be able to enjoy all of the other opportunities that are available. This has been a bittersweet decision for us to make, but now we know that it is the right avenue to take.
ICheck out our availability for this Fall’s digging season and our list of available, above ground, ready for pick-up material that was dug this past Spring, on the Availability page. They are in trenches with irrigation sticks and look great. All of our remaining trees are still being well maintained (trimmed, fertilized, etc.) to keep them as you would expect, ‘Picture Perfect Trees’. The final sized availability list will be completed as soon as the growing season is finished and we will get that to you with quantities available. Please stop in and we’ll be happy to show you our trees. We will be digging and shipping for Fall 2014 only.  While many of you do not take your Spring needs in the Fall, there are many varieties that will store very well in your holding yards and will give you a head start in Spring.  I encourage you to consider buying some of your Spring needs this Fall.  Place your orders now to be sure that you are getting some of the last trees from Sunleaf Nursery.
Our committed, long-time co-workers, Katie, Mark, Rollie, and Rafael will be with us to the end, so you know that you will still be taken care of for your plant needs. We are eternally grateful to these people for their dedication, trustworthiness, and devotion to help us take care of all the loose ends that come with closing the nursery. Without them, we would be lost!
We THANK all of you for loyalty and support over the years and wish everyone continued success with your businesses. The friendships that we have because of this industry are true and everlasting, for this we are extremely lucky and grateful.
Please don’t hesitate contacting us with questions for concerns.
Who knows…maybe we’ll show up on your doorstep in a Winnebago for a visit, dogs & all?

Happy Trails,
Bob Lyons & Carol Lyons



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